Yahoo Stock Screener java Version

The java Yahoo stock screener appears to have been dropped by Yahoo Finance. When we try following a link to access it, we get:

Yahoo! Finance Page not Found notice for java based stock screener

It is unclear if users were notified that it was being dropped. Our original review of the screener is retained for future reference.

It is still possible to access the html based Yahoo stock screener.

Original Review

The java Yahoo stock screener is the most recent offering from Yahoo. With the demise of the MSN Deluxe screener, Yahoo Finance stepped up to fill the gap with a far better product than their html screener. Like the SmartMoney offering, the look and feel of this screener is reminiscent of the Deluxe screener. Unlike SmartMoney, this is a free stock screener.

If you are not a registered user of Yahoo with a unique login, you can still run the preset screens - there are about 20 available. The stock screens offered are not associated with a specific guru but you do get to see both the criteria used to generate the results and the companies passing the screen.

However, if you want to use all the custom screening features described below, you must first register. Registration is free and opens up many Yahoo services like email in addition to the screener. You already have an existing registration if you use Yahoo groups or email.

It is not clear why the html screener lives on. The java screener does everything the html screener does and more. NOTE: In case you are wondering, java and html are the programming languages used to create the screeners.

Yahoo stock screener "must have"

All must have features of a screener are available provided the data requirements of your personal investing strategies are met.

Any screen you build (and you can begin with one of their preset screens) can be saved by name and recalled. This feature requires registration. Companies passing the screen can be saved to a Yahoo portfolio or downloaded to a spreadsheet.

Any fundamental data (such as the date of the last filing) not available directly as a screenable field is available by clicking on any displayed stock ticker. This takes you directly to the considerable resources of Yahoo Finance where you can examine the data of interest.

Screener "nice to have" features

Although the data fields do not contain industry or sector averages, current average values of the DJIA, NASDAQ 100, and S&P 500 are displayed. Easy access to the definition of the criteria is also provided. The downside of creating criteria with a fixed value is that the index value will change over time but your fixed value will not.

Get a pdf of the Stock Screener Features Checklist

Only "AND" logic is possible but, where appropriate, data fields have a "between" operator in addition to the common "<=" and ">=" operators. Percentile ranking is not offered.

The fundamental data criteria are generally for the trailing twelve months unless otherwise specified.

The results of the screen are available in list form allowing you to check out the financial and technical aspects of the stock. Any column in the results list can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

A reporting feature unique to this screener is the ability to see a histogram of any displayed criteria. So if you wanted to see the distribution by market cap of the stocks passing the screen, you would select the market cap column and then the histogram tab. Another nice touch is the ability to enter other stocks for comparison to the stocks passing the screen.


Yahoo has created a first class screener with unique features. If your strategies do not require a lot of depth in the fundamental criteria, the robust features available in Yahoo Finance may make this the best free stock screener for you.

And if you are still using the html screener offered by Yahoo, why?

End of original Yahoo Stock Screener java version Review

Check Tiny Titans implementation in Yahoo (java)

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