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The html based Yahoo stock screener is available within Yahoo Finance. While the Finance section of Yahoo is one of the better sites out there, the screener does not share the same strength. It provides only 15 data points on which to scan. There are pre-defined stock screens.

Screener “must have” features

From a must-have feature standpoint, it is not possible to save your screen criteria by name or export the results. It was not possible to scrape the results from the page and paste them into a spreadsheet. You will, however, be able to determine the freshness of the data in the results with easy access to the considerable resources of Yahoo Finance.

Only “AND” logic is possible but most of the data fields allow a min and max range to be defined.

Stock screener “nice to have” and “advanced” features

Get a pdf of the Stock Screener Features Checklist

The only other feature available is the ability to sort the data by one of the viewable fields. NOTE: Viewable fields are limited to the fields selected as criteria. For example, if Price / Book was one of the criteria selected you could sort the results ascending or descending according to Price / Book.


Clearly, people use this screener or it would simply disappear. On the other hand, if you are serious about implementing investing strategies with a screener, this would not be a choice. The power of Yahoo Finance is not their html based screener, but their comprehensive financial information.

NOTE: Signing in as a Yahoo user did not result in additional features in the html screener.

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