Tiny Titans Screen
Using Yahoo Finance java Screener

Except for the OTC exclusion, all criteria for a Tiny Titans screen are available in the Yahoo Finance java screener. Eliminating passing companies that are OTC stocks must be done after the screening process. Since this is Yahoo, that information is available by clicking on the company ticker in the list of passing companies. Frustrating, but keep in mind this a free stock screener.

The Yahoo java screener is no longer available.

We have retained the following for reference.

Once you login, go to Yahoo Finance and initiate the java screener. It brings up a blank grid on which you can load a pre-defined screen or create a new screen. Each row of the screen requires a criteria, conditions, and values unique to Tiny Titans. Once complete, the criteria can be saved by name.

Yahoo Finance Tiny Titans Screen. This Yahoo screener is no longer available.

Implementing the Tiny Titans screen

The Tiny Titans strategy looks for market cap (inflation adjusted to 2004) between US $25 million and US $250 million. Market Cap is one of the valuation criteria here. Only one line is needed in the Yahoo java screener since “between” can be specified. Market cap values are expected in millions so use 25m and 250m for values.

By definition, Price to Sales (P/S) should be less than one.  Select P/S from the valuation list. Use the “<=” condition (there is no “<” condition) and use 1.0 as the value.  Currently there is no way to choose a relative P/S.

Average Daily Trading Volume (the average over the last 10 days) is available and is set at “>=” to 100k.

Relative strength against an index is offered under Performance criteria. The length of time used to calculate the outperformance is not specified. Use the “>+” condition and set the value to get at least 25 passing companies.

What about OTC stocks?

Now it gets a little bit ugly. Although exchange is one of the screening criteria options, it cannot be used to exclude OTC stocks. Run the screen as defined above and exclude passing companies with OTC stocks manually.

An alternative solution is to run the screen for each of the 3 exchanges offered and merge the results in a portfolio or a spreadsheet. This avoids selecting OTC stocks. You will need to sort the results by the relative price strength in your portfolio manager or spreadsheet and pick the top 25 results.

Variations and Back-testing

Yahoo Finance does not offer proprietary indicators or rankings in their stock screener. Backtesting the Tiny Titans screen is not possible.

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