Brokerage Stock Screeners
Screen Where You Trade

Depending on your online broker, you may already have access to one of their stock screeners. Most of these focus on technical analysis and trading, but fundamental screening criteria may be available.

Not only are they free, they often come with several pre-defined stock screens, portfolio management tools and offer extensive investment information related to stocks and the financial markets. And, you are going to place the trade where the screener lives.

NOTE: In some cases, you will need to maintain a minimum level or trading activity or meet a minimum capital requirement. Look for these costs since it means the screener will not be free.

The primary consideration, always, is whether or not the screener is adequate for you. Can you build the screens you need? Are the pre-defined screens sufficient? It might be nice to screen streaming data but is it a demand of your style?

The goal of screening is to reduce the time required to locate and analyze suitable investment or trading opportunities. Using the brokerage screener should not cause more time to be spent.

Brokerage Stock Screeners

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Screeners offered by discount brokers generally focus on real-time streaming data and technical analysis. Trading is better for their bottom line than investing. However, the following online brokers include some fundamental data in one or more of their screeners.

  • Charles Schwab - Stock screener has mix of fundamental and technical criteria. Pre-defined screens are available as is a screener for preferred stock. Their StreetSmart products are for traders.
  • E*Trade - Screener is available with some fundamental data. Pre-defined screens are available.
  • Fidelity - Screener is available even if you are not a customer but you must be a customer to have access to all the criteria. Pre-defined screens are available. A preferred stock screener is also available. Back-testing seems to be part of the screening package but check before opening an account.
  • OptionsHouse - Now part of E*Trade.
  • Scottrade - Merged with TDAmeritrade.
  • TDAmeritrade - Two screeners are applicable. One is their traditional version and the other is the ThinkorSwim platform. The latter has very limited fundamental data but both come with pre-defined screens.
  • TradeKing (formerly Zecco) - Stock screener with both fundamental and technical criteria is available but seems oriented to options.

If you know of other discount brokers offering stock screeners with fundamental criteria as part of their package, please contact us so we can share the information with everyone.

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