Stock Screener Museum

The stock screener museum is our way of archiving reviews of screening tools that have been discontinued. In many cases, the archived review points to an implementation of an investing strategy that may still be possible in another product.

For example, MSN Deluxe was an elite free product. Unfortunately, like many of its peers, it is No Longer Available (NLA).

We have retained our reviews of these discontinued products since a current review is not possible. In some reviews, you will also find links to investing strategy implementations. The implementation content has also been retained where it existed. 

Please note that some of the links to other pages in the archived reviews may have been dropped or changed.

Free Stock Screener Review archive 

The following reviews are available by following the Review link.

MSN Deluxe - This screener was retired in November, 2009. The rationale for the change is that it currently runs only on Internet Explorer. The new screener does not have that limitation but consists only of pre-built screens or limited data. You cannot save your custom screen. Original review. MSN Money replacement for MSN Deluxe

Portfolio123 - The free stock screener from Portfolio123 has been discontinued, but the fee based version is still available. Our original review of the free version.

Yahoo java screener - This screener was dropped by Yahoo Finance. It is unclear if users were notified that it was being dropped. Our original review. The Yahoo html screener is still available but does not have the features of the java screener. Check the navigation under free screeners for the review.

Once upon a time, Business Week, Hoovers, Quicken and Reuters had free screeners. Unfortunately, they are no longer available and we were unable to review them when they were operating.

Fee-based Screener Review archive

SmartMoney - The screener from was discontinued in December, 2012. Our original review of SmartMoney.

StockScreen123 - In March 2013, the StockScreen123 screener was merged with the Portfolio123 system. All the functionality was retained and additional Portfolio123 functionality is now included. A free version of Portfolio123 is no longer offered. Our original review of StockScreen123.

Why a museum

The museum was created in part because it is a reminder that the tools we use to implement our investing strategies may not last. The wise move is to have the data filtering and ranking requirements well documented. For a simple strategy, it may even be worth using a different screener to create a parallel, low-dollar strategy with a broker like Folio Investing or Motif.

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