Free Stock Screeners

Free stock screeners, when they satisfy the requirements of your investing strategies, can be one of the best deals around. Not only are they free, but they often come with several pre-defined stock screens, free portfolio management tools and represent sites with extensive investment information related to stocks and the financial markets.

Without exception, these are online stock screeners.

The primary consideration, always, is whether or not the screener is adequate for you. 

  • Can you build the screens you need?
  • Are the pre-defined screens sufficient?

Keep in mind the goal of stock screening is to reduce the time required to locate and analyze suitable investment or trading opportunities. If using a free stock screener creates more work than it saves, it is not a good deal even if it is free.

If you are not familiar with the characteristics of a good stock screener (free or fee-based), take time to familiarize yourself before spending time evaluating a free stock screener.  Get the latest Stock Screener Features Checklist.

Free Stock Screeners - Evaluations

The availability of free online screeners changes as a business decision of the company hosting the site. To save you time trying to locate a screener that no longer exists, out-of-service screeners are included in the list with a no longer available (NLA) notation. Where additional information about out-of-service screeners is available, a link is provided.

Currently, the list of free stock screening sites includes only screeners offering some fundamental data for screening. Free stock screeners that offer only technical analysis will be added once evaluations for all of the following sites are complete.

  • AOL - Some fundamental and growth criteria. Can save results to AOL Portfolio.
  • Bing Stock Screener - Operates with the same look and feel as the Google Finance screener but does not allow specific values to be entered. Screens cannot be saved for future use.
  • Business Week (NLA)
  • CNBC - Online screener with reasonable data capabilities.
  • FinViz - A free screener with excellent visualization capabilities. Requires free registration.
  • Google Finance - The screener has an interesting presentation style and a good selection of fundamental data. Screen cannot be saved for future use.
  • Hoovers (NLA)
  • MarketWatch - Very little fundamental data. Save results to MarketWatch portfolio.
  • Morningstar - The free screener from Morningstar has limited company financial data. Most criteria are limited to Morningstar proprietary grading.
  • MSN Deluxe (NLA) - We considered MSN Deluxe the best available free stock screener. The review has been saved in the Museum.
  • NASDAQ Guru Screener - A special breed of screener that implements published investing strategies.
  • NASDAQ Stock Screener - The Zacks screener implemented on
  • Portfolio123 - The free version of this online screener has been discontinued. See review of fee-based version.
  • Quicken (NLA)
  • Reuters (NLA)
  • Stock Rover - A free screener with excellent visualization, portfolio and notification capabilities. Requires free registration.
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Yahoo Stock Screeners - Two free screeners are currently offered. The basic Yahoo stock screener has limited capabilities but is supported by extensive financial data. The newer java based screener is NLA.
  • Zacks - Free Screener

If you know of other free screeners please contact us so we can share the information with everyone.

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