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Consistent, sustainable investing processes

After a satisfying career working on a variety of automation and business management projects, my attention turned to a long time area of interest - investing.

Unfortunately, the consistent, repeatable processes that led to successful automation and decision support systems were missing from my investing. Not good.

The remedy was to review what I had learned about investing, re-read and identify the best material I had collected over the years, and evaluate which styles and techniques worked with my financial behavior. Then, combine the review with current study to create a consistent, repeatable investing process. To track the effort and enforce consistency, I decided to share my conclusions on the web - the result is StockScreening101.

The site identifies ideas and material (not just what works for me) to help select best practices. Best practices in turn lead to consistent investing processes that then allow improvement in stock investment performance.

No identifiable, measurable investing process - no improvement.

Notice that consistent is not a synonym for profitable. It is the basis for evaluation and improvement.

My hope is that what is contained on this site will have as much value for you as it does for me.

Jim Emberg

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Consistent, sustainable investing processes.

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