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Zacks Investment Research includes a stock screener as part of their Premium package. Not as powerful as Research Wizard, it may still offer value as part of the Premium package.

The Premium package also includes an ETF screener as well as a Mutual Fund screener. And if the proprietary Zacks Rank and Ratings are of interest, it is this package or the Research Wizard.

Note that a Zacks Rank is provided for individual ETFs and Mutual Funds.

Stock screener "Must Have" features

Over 150 metrics are included. As you might imagine, given that earnings are the core of Zacks' philosophy, many of the items are related to analysts estimates. Some price change (momentum style) metrics are available as are some basic valuation, growth, dividends and financial strength criteria. You will need to decide if the data is adequate for your needs. The filing date is not listed as such but as the date of the last EPS report date. Very Zacks-like.

Below is the default criteria entry screen. The criteria selection area is populated with criteria from the Popular Criteria tab (on the left).

Zacks Premium form to enter screening criteria

All US exchanges as well as TSX are available.

There are 45 pre-built screens available as a starting point to create your own custom screen (which you can save by name for later recall). Or, you can just use the pre-built screens to generate lists of companies to consider. An unusual feature is the inclusion of pre-built bear market screens.

The written documentation is minimal but it is possible to contact support directly with any questions - either by email or by phone. NOTE: I have used the email approach to get questions answered.

"Nice to Have" features

Tracking performance is possible with the Portfolio Manager included in the Premium package. Once you identify the companies, the related data items are updated automatically. And you get an email notification (an Advanced feature).

Get the latest Stock Screener Features Checklist

There is no direct way to restrict the number of companies passing a screen, so that will need to be accomplished by sorting a criteria, or doing additional ranking after the data has been exported to excel. Extra fields can be added to the results report, and any field in the results report can be sorted. All the report fields can be exported so any fields required for multi-factor ranking can be exported and ranked externally.

No percentile ranking of criteria is possible nor can they be weighted. Although there are a variety of operators, only AND logic is possible.

None of the other "nice to have" features on our checklist are included with the stock screener.

Zacks Premium "Advanced" featues

Premium has 2 of the advanced features identified on our checklist.

In addition to their proprietary ranking system discussed above, the Portfolio Manager includes email notification of the portfolio holdings. Below is an example of a notification.

Zacks Premium portfolio noitification


As a stand-alone fee-based stock screener, you can do better.

On the other hand, the Zacks Premium package includes more than just the screener and you will have access to the Zacks proprietary rank system.

You can check out the Zacks Premium package for yourself.

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