Best Investment Newsletters

The best investment newsletters are not necessarily the ones telling you what to buy or sell, but the ones improving your understanding of the markets and encouraging appropriate investment behavior.

With that in mind, the following newsletters/blogs have been useful to me.

John Mauldin's Blogs

There are 2 blogs available at no charge. One is written by Mauldin and the other is an article by another analyst that Mauldin considers worth reading.

Outside the Box

This weekly blog is not written by Mauldin, but is his choice of essay of the week by another analyst. Can be extensive, but always thought provoking and worth reading. Link to subscribe

Thoughts from the Frontline

This contains Mauldin's insights on a variety of investment topics - often global in nature. Worth the time to read. Link to subscribe

Weiss' Money and Markets Investment Newsletter

I generally do not enjoy this newsletter from Dr Doom and Gloom (aka Martin Weiss), but I also consider it worth reading. The focus is on the financial situation of the US which is certainly worth understanding. Link to subscribe

The downside is that there is some pretty overt selling pressure to buy a solution from Money and Markets to solve the problem highlighted in the newsletter.

Zacks' Profit from the Pros

This is consistently interesting since it provides a view of the marketplace that does not parrot what many other pundits are saying. Perhaps it is due to the focus on earnings. Even better it is free. Link to subscribe to the email

Like most newsletters, there will be some offers to buy products and services.

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