MSN Stock Screener Update


The Deluxe MSN stock screener and portfolio were retired in November, 2009.

The rationale for the change is that it currently runs only on Internet Explorer. The new screener will not have that limitation.

From a screening standpoint, the following features will no longer be supported according to the announcement:

  • Saving and sharing your own customized stock screens
  • Exporting screener results to your own personal portfolio, Excel or other file types
  • Fewer data points will be available for making your own customized screens

This pretty much eliminates MSN Deluxe (or whatever the new screener will be called) from being the elite free stock screener. Since this was a popular screening tool, we are investigating alternatives as quickly as possible.

Free replacements for MSN Deluxe

We have compiled a list of free stock screening sites and reviews of their screeners. One of these may work for you.

If you know of other free screeners please contact us so we can share the information with everyone.

Fee-based Replacements

In addition to the free screeners, there are several fee-based screeners available as replacements.

For a replacement for MSN Deluxe, you should also consider any screener offered by your online broker.

The original MSN stock screener evaluation is retained as a record of what was available.

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