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The stock screener from was discontinued in December, 2012. The following notice appeared on the login page:

"Thank you for visiting us."
"SmartMoney Select is being discontinued. If you have any questions, please contact us."

At present, current members are still able to login and use the screener, but it is not clear how much longer this will be possible.  Our original review of the SmartMoney screener is retained.

Original Review

The stock screener from SmartMoney is easy to use and is available online for a minimal annual fee. Every “must have” feature in included as well as every “nice to have” feature.

SmartMoney Select includes Net Payout Yield as a screenable field. If you use Net Payout Yield in your investing strategies, this screener is a must. To the best of my knowledge, it is the only screener offering Net Payout Yield.

Stock screener “must have” features

In addition to offering over 100 fundamental data fields, SmartMoney provides technical data fields for screening. If your investing strategies call for technical analysis, you can mix them into the screen.

Up to 10 custom screens can be saved by name for later recall and use. SmartMoney includes over 20 pre-defined screens. A brief explanation of the screen rationale is available for most of the pre-defined screens.

The date of the fundamental data is not available directly as a screenable field.  However, clicking the left mouse button on the ticker of any company in the results list takes you to the SmartMoney financial information for the company. Dates are available there.

Only “AND” logic is provided but the operators are excellent. For example, the bottom or top percentage of industries can be screened.

Screener “Nice to have” features

The data fields do not contain industry or sector averages, but the operators contain percentile ranking features. This allows you to select the percentile ranking in industries, sectors and some market baskets. Some historical data (e.g., 5 year averages), year over year data, and quarter over quarter dataare provided but these are not extensive.

Get the latest Stock Screener Features Checklist

The results of the screen are available in list form or as a thumbnail. Both presentations allow you to check out the financial and technical aspects of the stock. Any column in the results list can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Creating a report of the screen results allows you to control the data included in the view. From the report, the results can be saved in a SmartMoney portfolio or exported. Exporting includes not only the tickers, but all the data in the view you create.

A very nice feature of the export is the option to save the screen criteria used to create the results. Something of great value when you review the results at a later date.

Any field in the report view can be sorted ascending or descending.

SmartMoney Select's “advanced” features

SmartMoney Select does not offer proprietary ratings or a stock ranking system. Back-testing is not available either. It would be great to back-test the pre-defined screens available from SmartMoney.

Building custom formulas from any of the fundamental data fields and the technical analysis indicators is simple. This is an excellent feature.

A list of stock tickers cannot be imported into the system. Therefore, it is not possible to run the screen against a basket of stocks.

Implementing investing strategies

Your personal investing strategies identify the data andlogic needs of the best stock screener for you.

Here to see the Tiny Titans strategy implemented as a screen in SmartMoney.


SmartMoney Select includes every “must have” and “nice to have” feature of a screener. If you need Net Payout Yield, it is a must have.

End of original SmartMoney Review

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