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Stock Rover has offered Stock Screening 101 users a discount! 

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This one time discount is a great way to begin a subscription to one of the best stock screening tools available at a significant discount. And the discount will apply to either type of support - email, or prioritized support plus Hotline.

If you have not read our reviews of their Basic screener or Premium screener, it may be worth taking the time before signing up.

Some of the highlights of Premium:

  • Download data from screen results for further analysis
  • Weighted factors in screen criteria
  • Custom, screenable universes
  • Portfolios to track strategies
  • Custom formulas within screen
  • Limit number of passing companies
  • Morningstar Ratings within screen
  • Direct connection to online brokers

If you are already familiar with Stock Rover, check out the link below.

Details of Stock Rover offer

The discount gets you 1, 2 or 3 free months depending on the length of the Premium subscription you choose. It will be in the form of a rebate on your credit card 1 month after your enrollment.

To take advantage of the offer, you only need to enter the discount code - StockScreening101 - during the registration process.

Even better, you can still take advantage of the 14 day free trial before you sign up. Then you can use our discount code after the free trial. Awesome.

Once you review the offer details, follow the 3 step process to get a Premium account. This offer will also apply if you currently have a Basic account. Remember - you must enter our discount code, StockScreening101, to get the discount.

Here to see the details of the offer

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is good for you, good for us. Each time a Stock Screening 101 user takes advantage of this discount offer, Stock Rover compensates us which helps cover the cost of maintaining this site.  Thanks for helping, and congratulations on choosing to use a quality stock screening tool.

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