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Best free stock screener for Tiny Titans


The bad news is that the Deluxe MSN free stock screener was retired in November, 2009. The following is retained for historical purposes only.

The MSN stock screener looks like the best choice among the free stock screeners for the Tiny Titans investing strategy. Although it takes a workaround to eliminate the OTC market from being included in the screen, it is simple to set up and run.

How simple is it?

The Tiny Titans require only market capitalization, price/sales ratio, 52 week price relative strength, and average trading volume. Only stocks from the AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE markets are used – the OTC market is excluded.

Setting up the screen

In MSN Deluxe, select the data fields from the following categories in the Field Name dropdown menu:

  • Market Capitalization – Company Basics
  • Price/Sales Ratio – Price Ratios
  • Avg. Daily Vol. Last Month – Trading & Volume
  • 12-Month Relative Strength - Trading & Volume
  • Exchange - Company Basics

Although we set the screen up with the average trading volume for the last month, other volume selections are a matter of individual preference. So is the use of the % price change instead of relative strength.

One issue

A free stock screener usually has some limitations (although there are not many for MSN Deluxe). Since the Tiny Titans strategy does not use OTC stocks, the workaround is to insist that any stock passing the screen have a StockScouter rating.

StockScouter rating is a proprietary indicator generated by MSN Money and is a way to exclude OTC stocks – they are (generally) not rated. Select the exchange as display only to visually confirm the results of the screen.

Notice that the Field Description for StockScouter rating in the screener seems to be off by one. The rating itself is found in the “Stock Scouter rating” selection in the field name dropdown menu.

Picking values for the data fields

From the results drop down list, select the top 25 results and sort the results by relative strength. The published Tiny Titans strategy selects the top 25 stocks by 1 year relative strength and holds them for a year.

The exit strategy is the one year holding period. At the end of a year (or whatever works for tax purposes), the screen is run again to select for the following year.

Final thoughts

Because it selects exactly the number of stocks suggested by the strategy, is easy to access and use, and has fresh data every day, this may be the best stock screener for Tiny Titans – not just the best free stock screener.

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