Dogs of the Dow Stock Screens

For the original Dogs of the Dow, the best stock screener is a free stock screener.

The FinViz screener does not offer a predefined screen, but it is simple to build one by selecting DJIA from the index dropdown on the "Descriptive" tab. You can limit the number of results by adjusting the value in the Dividend Yield dropdown criteria. Show the results in the Finance tab and sort descending by Dividend to get the top 10 Dogs. You can also use the strategy on other stock universes.

The following screen for variations of the Dogs

AOL Finance has no Dogs screen and cannot identify DJIA components. It is possible to build a large cap high yield screen.

CNBC does not offer a predefined screen for the Dogs of the Dow but does offer one for the S&P 500 . Keep in mind that there is no published historical performance for the Dogs of the S&P.

Google Finance has no Dogs screen and cannot identify DJIA components. It is possible to build a large cap high yield screen.

Morningstar (free) does not have a predefined screen for the Dogs, but they do offer the variation for high yield large cap stocks . To get to that screen, use the above link and select the Morningstar Screen for High Dividend Yields (list is on the left of the screen). Once again, the published performance of the Dogs will not apply.

If you already have access to one of the following fee-based screeners, you will not need to use a free screener. These offer several of the variations of the Dogs as well as the original Dogs. Some offer proprietary rating, backtesting and ranking systems as well

  • AAII Stock Investor Pro
  • Morningstar
  • Portfolio123
  • ValueLine
  • Zacks

NOTE: Only the Portfolio123 screener offers Net Payout Yield as a screenable criteria. It must be created as a custom formula.

Build and backtest your own Dogs of the Dow screen

StockScreen123 is no longer an option for a Dogs screen since they have merged with Portfolio123. However, the implementation described below will work exactly the same in Portfolio123. It is possible to back-test the original strategy or any variation you want to try.

We have provided a complete implementation on StockScreen123 so you can start with a working model and back-test using different ranking techniques.

This is possible during a trial subscription to Portfolio123.

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